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Emei Qigong

Why should I practice Qigong?

Within us, we have the capability to heal ourselves and improve our physical health.  We can bring our mental and emotional health into balance We can enrich our spiritual health. And, we can do all this without depending on the ministrations of others.  Within us, we all have undeveloped creativity and artistic abilities, insights, extra-sensory perceptions, and many other intangible powers that Nature has given us which we have not tapped into. Through the practice of Qigong, we can access this treasure house that is our heritage. It is said that we use only 10% of our brain cells. Qigong practice activates the unused 90% by strengthening the brain's bio-electric currents. After this activation, self healing as well as undeveloped and under-developed functional abilities are realized.

What is Qigong?

It is a 5000-year-old art form. It is science from the ancient East.  Qi is the essence of all existence, of life, of all things tangible & intangible.  Gong is the effort to accumulate and concentrate Qi and the use of this Qi for healing, for rejuvenation, and for accessing the amazing potential of humans.

Man is part of nature and subject to its laws. The universe is the macrocosm. Man is the microcosm. Modern science has used these laws of nature to harness the energies of the universe to give us powerful technologies. Today, we can hear a disembodied voice from half-way across the world through a small device, the phone. We can be entertained or instructed by visions that come to us from a TV screen.

If, two hundred years ago, we told people that we can hear and talk to someone half-way across the world, they would say that we are hearing things, that we are crazy. If they were shown those figures on television, they'd say that it is the work of the devil or of the supernatural. Yet, we know that these are energies that modern science has tapped into by using the laws of nature. While modern science has taken the external path of tangible experiments and concentrated on the macrocosm – the visible universe, Qigong science of the ancient East took the internal path of energy development and concentrated on the microcosm – man. It explored and accessed the energies found within the microcosm. Through man's internal energies, it sought to access the principles and laws of nature.  Through Qigong, man can understand himself, the nature of first principles, and the truths of ultimate reality.

Modern science's understanding of the laws and realities of nature is, at the present, still vague and very limited. Its approach through precise experiments is a valid method. It is not the path and method used by Qigong science. Both sciences have the same origin and destination. Each approach has its own track, and the tracks curve apart like the outline of an American football. The closer they get to the middle point of the track, the farther apart the internal and external approaches are from each other.  Modern science has not yet reached the midpoint. Qigong science has reached the other end of the football and awaits modern science.

With quantum physics and string theory, modern science begins to explore the knowledge that is in Qigong science. But we need not wait until modern science meets Qigong science to benefit from Qigong.  Just as we accept the material benefits that modern science provides us, we can accept and use the equally, if not more important, benefits of Qigong science.

Why Emei Qigong?

"Qigong that cannot heal illnesses is not Qigong. Millions of people practice it daily in China for effective self-healing and for the prevention of disease and strengthening of one's health. It is easily one of the most effective and economical health maintenance modalities for past millennia in the East and can become the same for this millennium in the West,” says Grandmaster Fu, 13th lineage holder of China's highly respected Emei Linji Zen Qigong School. 

"Medical benefits are only the initial harvest. Qigong can activate metaphysical abilities and elevate the heart and spirit to bring about either sudden or gradual awakenings so that we may know ourselves and we may experience and realize the truth of the universe and thus attain enlightenment," he continues.

Grandmaster Fu has transformed the obscure language, vast content and complex cultivating exercises of the Emei Linji Zen Qigong into a cultivating system that is simple, effective, and can be incorporated into today's restless and time-challenged lifestyles.  This Qigong method embraces both the simplicity of deep Zen heart cultivation and the effectiveness of multi-dimensional healing. It is composed of the Wuji Qigong form, Qigong healing applications, modalities, and empowerment.

Wuji Qigong

We read and hear marvelous things about the power of qigong – how it can heal, how it brings about amazing benefits, how all this happens when we practice qigong. But often, it seems to happen only to some people and we believe them but we do not see the same miracles happen to us.

The qigong method we use is very important. Many yoga, taichi and other qigong methods keep the practitioner at the preparatory stage. One’s movements are dictated by the mind. You are told to “lift your arms” “Stretch your legs”, “visualize”, chant mantras, “concentrate on your breath”, etc. These are all correct actions. These can relax you, center you and make you feel good. But these are just first steps to the practice of true qigong. These are but preparatory actions. We call this being in the “TAIJI” state. The mind is too much in the controlling mode. It dictates what the body should do.

The miracle of deeper healing and other unusual manifestations can occur only when one is in the WUJI state. In the Wuji state, you feel the qi within you. Your movements are dictated by the qi within you. Your mind may observe but it does not make any decisions on what the body is to do. The body’s movements are propelled by an internal qi. You are in the Wuji state, a deep meditative state of  body and mind. In the Wuji state, you are the patient, you are the doctor and the prescription comes from within you. The being knows how to heal itself. In relation to results, it  is the difference between using a cart or a jet plane for transportation. Attaining the Wuji state is not easy, but Emeiqigong’s Wujigong practice is a powerful aid. It is one of the major healing modalities used in Emei Qigong.

I teach Emeiqigong’s Wujigong for free. Click the link to the left about time and place.


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"A major component
of Chinese
is Qigong, that which you can do to help heal yourself.

If Qigong can't heal illnesses, then it's not Qigong."


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