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Traditional Chinese Medicine

From the mists of prehistory to our high tech twenty-first century, mankind has tried to extricate himself from pain and disease. Healthcare is important to any group.

Medicine that does not work fades away. Chinese Medicine works and has progressed for the last 5,000 years. It is not experimental. It is tried and true.

Ancient China had a highly developed civilization. It also had a highly developed medical system. This is an independent system that is complete and thus can stand on its own.  It can address whatever medical problems that the Western Medical system addresses. Today, for whatever ails us, we tend to go to the Western Medical system. However, we can also go into the Chinese medical system for any of  our health needs. The medical problems that plague us today plagued the people of China.

The knowledge offered by Chinese medicine did not come about overnight. It was developed through a long arduous course of struggles against disease. It includes both theory and clinical practice.  From its beginning thousands of years ago, its knowledge has been preserved and has continued to be developed. Its special advantages are effective cures without adverse side effects.



Chinese Medicine Sage


By sharing this tremendous and powerful knowledge, it contributes to the well being and welfare of mankind. It is a great contribution that China shares with the world, a treasure house to be spread around the world.

Chinese Medicine is a system based on the laws of nature. Ancient China’s scientists, doctors and scholars observed, studied, experimented and researched to advance medical knowledge much as our scientists do today. However, they have a head start of thousands of years. They came up with a system that is thorough, powerful and very sophisticated.

As mentioned, the Chinese medical system is based on the laws of nature. It teaches that we are part of nature, subject to its laws and principles. When our physical, mental and emotional being is in accord with the laws of nature, we thrive and flourish.  If not in accord, we will be ill.

Nature has endowed us with the inborn knowledge and ability to heal ourselves.  The premise of Chinese Medicine is that the body knows how to heal itself and is always trying to do so. Sometimes it needs help. The treatments within Chinese medicine seek to stimulate and promote the body’s natural ability to heal. They aim to restore health by using and supporting the resources that are within each of us.

It considers the whole person and focuses on treating all the inter-related factors that brought about the disease. Chinese medical teachings go into depth on how to determine the root causes of the problems. Although it seeks to alleviate symptoms, its purpose and goal is to seek the root cause and eliminate it so that treatment results in true healing.

The methods it uses for healing have no adverse side effects.

The main modalities of treatment are:

Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Herbal Therapy and Diet/Nutrition
Qigong (pronounced Chee-gong)




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